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  Welcome to SMARTag FoodPrint
  (Sustainable .Management. of Agricultural .Resources. & Technologies.)

Smartag Foodprint, is based in Delhi, India with an office in the US.

Smartag staff have several years of combined experience in the areas of conducting Scientific field trials, Product positioning, Training and audit of Organic, Halal, and Sustainable farming certification process, Regulatory and Patent related matters, etc......... Read More

Field Research Trials , assists its clients in facilitating, reliable, tiemly, and accurate evaluation of their Agri-inputs , Seed , Crop Protection and Biotechnology products.

SMARTag facilitates in conducting field level trials in compliance with GLP and GEP regulations , for Field (rice, chillies, vegetables, etc.) and Plantation (Tea, etc) crops in various agro-cliamtic zones.


Sustainable Practices-Field /Facility audit and Training.

Smartag performs verification of  the measures participant/client has taken, that conform to the standards as per the regulations which decide any certification process. This will generally be based upon the checklist provided by the participant or the certifier.


Regulatory/Registration and data generation and Related affairs.

Smartag facilitates in developing and writing crop and region specific  study protocols, design and conduct of field evaluation, selecting appropriate agroclimatic geographies, and seasons, for both Institutional and In-house data generation.


IPR and Patent Issues

Smartag facilitates in evaluating with advise to help resolve, application facilitation, and other issues related to Intellectual Property Rights and Patent  matters.This includes advise and  preparation of dossiers / files for PPV&FR and other varietal registrations.


Agri-Produce Value Addition

martag undertakes to bridge the knowledge gap by appropriately training the stakeholder/client on the requirements and steps to enhance the value of Produce / Product within least time and minimal cost.


Protected Agriculture / Precision Farming

We help conduct Standardised studies and field evaluation for any high values crops (Capsicum, Tomatoes, Chillies, Cucumber etc ), besides providing knowhow on the erection and construction of net houses etc. T


Agri-Food Sector and Post Harvest Technology

Smartag facilitates and has arrangements with accredited laboratories for residue monitoring studies of crop protection chemicals, inorganic ingredients, besides  allergens etc.,  


Agri-Software Application Development

Android tablet based expert reference system :: This can be useful for a lead farmer or the extension worker or any stakeholder to disseminate information about local crops


Application Technology and Product Stewardship

The efficacy and evaluation of any agri input depends upon its proper application at the correct dose rate and appropriate methodology.
We offer training programs in proper  application technology and equipment including calibration methods.